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Hunting in England

Much of our UK sport is naturally found in Scotland but we have exclusive access to some stunning shooting estates in England that we feel is interesting enough to offer our clients.

We offer shooting in both Oxfordshire and the Cotswolds, both of which boast the picture postcard stone walls and buildings, open skies, rolling grasslands, beech woods and captivating villages. They boast many areas officially classed as Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. With top quality Pheasant and Partridge shooting – ask us for more details.

For stalking with a difference we have Muntjac & Chinese Water Deer stalking available conveniently close to London. If you haven’t experienced hunting the smaller of the UK’s Deer species it’s time to give it a try!


Deer Stalking season dates in England

EnglandDate FromDate To
Red Stags1st August30th April
Red Hinds1st November31st March
Roe Bucks1st April31st October
Roe Does1st November31st March
Fallow Bucks1st August30th April
Fallow Does1st November31st March
Sika Stags1st August30th April
Sika Hinds1st November31st March
Hybrid Stags1st August30th April
Hybrid Hinds1st November31st March
Chinese Water Deer Buck1st November31st March
Chinese Water Deer Doe1st November31st March
Muntjac**All year round


Birds Shooting Season dates in England

EnglandDate FromDate To
Partridge1st September31st January
Pheasant1st October1st February


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