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About Muntjac

England Date From Date To
Muntjac** All year round

** There is no statutory close season for this species. It is recommended that when culling female Muntjac, immature or heavily pregnant does are selected to avoid leaving dependent young.

Muntjac Stalking 1

Muntjac, also known as barking Deer and Mastreani Deer, are small Deer of the genus Muntiacus. Muntjacare the oldest known Deer, thought to have begun appearing 15–35 million years ago. Antlers are usually unbranched but a very short brow tine is occasionally found in old bucks. They also have visible upper canines (tusks) suggesting that they are a primitive species. Muntjac have two pairs of large glands on the face. Muntjac were brought from China to Woburn Park in Bedfordshire in the early 20th century. They are now widespread and increasing in number and range.

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