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Spanish Monteria Season

Spain Date From Date To
Monteria 1st October 12th February


Spanish Monteria 1Spanish Monteria 2

The Spanish Monteria is unique amongst all driven big game hunts in Europe. Firstly it is a very social affair beginning with all guns and guests (it is quite usual to have wives or friends in attendance) meeting for breakfast on the chosen estate. After this pegs are drawn and the hunt rules explained. The hunters are then taken to their pegs.

The hunt begins normally about noon with the hounds being released, there can be anywhere between three and six hundred dogs in packs of twenty depending on the size of the Monteria.

These work their way through the estate for approximately four hours giving exciting shooting for all participants.

When the hunt is finished the hunters return to the estate house for lunch whilst the game is brought down and laid out for photos etc.

The Monteria is a truly magnificent and exciting spectacle and a must for any big game hunter. If you have a ‘bucket list’ of things to do, this suggestion might trump some of your current ideas. A Spanish Monteria is a fascinating experience and, I promise you, unlike anything that you’ll ever experience in the UK.

Spanish Monteria 3

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