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Ibex Ram Hunting Season in Spain

Spain Date From Date To
Ibex Ram 15th November 1st April


Ibex Hunting 1Ibex Hunting 2

Spain is noted for Ibex hunting – another beast that often appears on the ‘Bucket List’ of keen hunters. Hendry, Ramsay & Waters offers you the opportunity of pursuing one or all of Spain’s four species of Ibex at the best price.

A days stalking with a local guide will be an experience in itself. Great memories – and great trophies if desired. For those who do not collect trophies we offer a cull package for Beceite Ibex consisting of a a two day hunt for 1 non trophy male (under 50cm) and 2 females.

Ibex Ewe Hunting Season in Spain

Spain Date From Date To
Ibex Ewe 15th November 1st April


Compared with other members of its genus, the Ibex has a short, broad head and a duller coat. It has brownish grey hair over most of the body, a pale abdomen and slightly darker markings on the chin and throat with a stripe along the back. They moult twice a year, firstly in April or May, and then again in September, when they replace the short summer coat with thicker hair and a woolly undercoat. As with all goats, males have beards, while females do not.

Ibex Hunting 3Ibex Hunting 4

Key Information

Prices on application

Can a Rifle be provided



Accommodation provided with package


Ammunition supplied subject to availability.

Suggested Calibre

.270 or above.

Permits Required

All required permits arranged at time of booking.

Nearest Airport

Madrid or Malaga.

Flights & Bringing own Firearms

Please consult with Hendry, Ramsay & Waters at time of booking for up to date airline carriers that allow firearms to be transported.


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