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Stalking Scotland

Hunting in Scotland

As well as being one of the worlds’ most beautiful countries, Scotland offers a wide range of hunting opportunities to suit all tastes and budgets, in the most impressive landscapes. Our driven bird hunts are for Grouse, Pheasants or Partridges depending upon the season. Mixed species bird shooting may be walked-up or partly driven and will provide a wide range of quarry depending on season.

Deer Stalking, the British term used for hunting Deer in upland or woodland settings, offers the choice of exciting and challenging Red, Roe, Fallow & Sika stalking throughout the country.


Game Birds Season dates Scotland

ScotlandDate FromDate To
Grouse12th August10th December
Ptarmigan12th August10th December
Partridge1st September31st January
Pheasant1st October1st February
Duck1st September31st January
Geese1st September31st January
Snipe12th August31st January
Woodcock1st September31st January


Deer Stalking season dates Scotland

ScotlandDate FromDate To
Red Stags1st July20th October
Red Hinds21st October15th February
Roe Bucks1st April20th October
Roe Does21st October31st March
Fallow Bucks1st August30th April
Fallow Does21st October15th February
Sika Stags1st July20th October
Sika Hinds21st October15th February


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