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Hunting in Spain

Spain has become known for the quality of its Partridge shooting and big game hunting. The classic Spanish Monteria for Wild Boar, Red Deer and Mouflon is a wonderful experience in itself.

There is also excellent stalking for Red Deer Stags, Mouflon, Chamois and four different species of Ibex.

The “Montería” is the most classic and traditional hunting method in Spain.

An amazing experience that allows the hunter to have adrenalin fueled sport in a friendly ambiance surrounded by the most typical Spanish landscape and its delicious gastronomy & wine. Experience the excitement of big game being driven past your peg by up to 500 hounds, An experience to live at least once in your hunting life!

Driven Partridge Shooting Season in Spain

Spain Date From Date To
Partridge 1st October 31st March


Deer Stalking Season Dates in Spain

Spain Date From Date To
Red Stags 1st September 1st February
Red Hinds 1st September 1st February
Roe Buck 1st April 31st October
Roe Doe 1st April 31st Octomber
Fallow Buck 1st September 1st February
Fallow Doe 1st September 1st February


Ibex Ram Hunting Season in Spain

Spain Date From Date To
Ibex Ram 15th November 1st April
Ibex Ewe 15th November 1st April


Wild Boar Hunting Season in Spain

Spain Date From Date To
Wild Boar October February


Spanish Monteria Season

Spain Date From Date To
Monteria 1st October 12th February


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