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The abbreviation HRW used below refers to HENDRY RAMSAY & WATERS (WORLDWIDE) LTD and Scothunt.co.uk.

1.a) Except as provided in paragraph 1b below, a deposit of 50% of the cost of the programme will be paid to HRW as provided in paragraph 2 below. The balance of the cost of the programme, together with the cost of any accommodation being charged separately will be invoiced for settlement 90 days before the commencement of the let / event / events booked.

b) Where a booking is made less than eight weeks prior to the start of the let, the full cost of the programme, together with the cost of any accommodation being charged separately, will be payable in lieu of the deposit.

2.a) When a booking with HRW is made by a private client the appropriate deposit will be invoiced by HRW for immediate settlement. No contract for the provision of the let will be constituted until the deposit has been received by HRW and the let has, thereafter, been confirmed to the client. If for any reason HRW are unable to confirm the booking to the client the deposit will be refunded in full.

b) When a booking with HRW is made by an agent either by communication means of Phone, email, through the scothunt.co.uk website or in writing, a contract for the provision of the let will be constituted at the moment that HRW have confirmed the booking to the agent either by cable or in writing. The deposit or balance or other sums due shall thereafter be invoiced for settlement by the date or dates shown on the subsequent invoices.

c) The term “agent” shall mean any company, partnership or person recognised by HRW to be acting as a booking agent. The term “private client” shall mean anyone other than an agent.

3. The payment of all sums due in terms of these conditions and invoices relating hereto shall be deemed to be of the essence of the contract and accordingly HRW reserve the right to cancel the contract without refund of any deposit or other monies paid to HRW prior to the cancellation, if any sum or sums are not paid by the due date or dates. No sporting let can commence until full payment of all sums due in the terms of these conditions and any invoices related thereto has been received by HRW.

4. In the event of a client or an agent cancelling a booking or failing to implement the contract, HRW will be under no obligation to make any refund of any deposit or other sums paid by the client or agent in pursuance of the contract. In the event of a cancellation, HRW will use their best endeavours to re-let the cancelled programme in the time available and in the event of their being successful in achieving a further let of the programme they may, but without obligation, make a refund of such amount as appears to them to be fair. Clients shall be responsible for effecting such insurance as they see fit against cancellation by them due to circumstances beyond their control.

5. HRW acting personally or as agents do not accept any liability for any loss or damage to any luggage, weapons or other property of the client; or for any loss, delay or inconvenience suffered by the client unless caused by the fault of HRW; or for any injury or illness suffered by the client.

6. The particulars of the programmes will show whether Value Added Tax at the current rate has been included or whether it will be a charged over and above the prices quoted.

7 Payments should be made against invoices and should be accompanied by the invoice reference. Payments should be sent to the offices of HRW or to their bank. Bank details provided on invoices.

8. Payments from overseas clients against invoices will be due in GBP unless advised by invoice to the contrary.

9. The contract is governed by The Law of Scotland and the parties prorogate the Scottish Courts.

SIGNED                                                                                                   DATE
(On behalf of Hendry Ramsay & Waters Worldwide Ltd)
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I have studied your Conditions of Booking (overleaf) as well as the particulars of the programme that you have offered me and I agree to their contents. I return herewith one copy of the Contract duly signed by myself.




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