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Norway 1

Hunting in Norway

We are pleased to be able to offer Moose and trophy Reindeer hunting in the North Eastern part of Norway. Hunting traditions are strong and have been for many generations. Today we hunt Moose & Reindeer here, but it is also possible to hunt Capercaillie, Red & Roe Deer, Bear, Wolf, Wolverine and Lynx during some parts of the season.


Deer Stalking Season Dates in Norway

Norway Date From Date To
Moose Bull 25th September 23rd December
Moose Cow 25th September 23rd December
Reindeer Bull 20th August 10th September
Reindeer Cow 20th August 10th September


Moose Hunting Season Dates in Norway

The Moose hunting season starts 25th September and ends 23rd December. The best season for hunting Moose is September and October. This is when the terrain is still dry and the weather is not so cold. November and December can also be good hunting months, though the snow and cold conditions can make the hunt more difficult. But if you are up for a new experience hunting on snow can be really exciting. The annual quota of 25-30 Moose annually is set during the spring. Different techniques of hunting are used depending on the terrain of the hunting area.

In the open and less forested upper area we can use spotters to locate game and then sneak into position. The upper area is also suitable for hunting with a leashed dog, where the dog silently tracks down the game and creates shooting opportunities. The lower area is more densely forested and we prefer to use unleashed dogs to search for animals and, unlike the leashed dogs, bark at the game to try to pin it down and signal to the hunters. This form of hunting will get you close to the game and you will really feel up close and personal to the action.


Reindeer Hunting Bull Season Dates in Norway

Norway Date From Date To
Reindeer Bul 20th August 10th September


Norway 2

We have full exclusivity in both the Breheimen and Jotunheimen national parks which holds Europe’s last surviving population of wild Reindeer which have been hunted here since the Ice Age. The Jotunheimen national park reopens this year after being closed to all hunting for the past 8 years so this untouched territory will really be worth a visit. The landscape is breathtaking moorland framed with mountainous peaks and glaziers reaching 2,500 metres above sea level.

Additional Information Cow

Norway Date From Date To
Reindeer Cow Season 20th August 10th September


Norway 3

Best way of travel is by airplane to Oslo Airport – Gardermoen. From the airport it is about a 2 hour drive for Moose and 4.5 hours drive for Reindeer.You can bring your own rifles and by Norwegian law minimum calibre is 6,5×55, although for Reindeer we recommend larger calibres as .270, 308, 30-06 300mag. For Moose we recommend .308,30-06,9.3 x 62 or .375H&H mag’

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